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Director’s Briefing – November 2013

  Welcome to the twenty-ninth Briefing and eleventh scheduled Briefing for 2013.   Delayed in the Real World   As you might know, I upgraded myself to a Lecturer position (tenured in North American jargon) over the summer. The downside of my new post is that being a new lecturer, I have no stockpile of […]

New Resleases for AutoHARP!

With the release of AutoHARP Fantasy: College of Magics and AutoHARP SF Xtreme which are available now for a limited time only for just $5.00, we take a look at the AutoHARP range and what it offers.   AutoHARP combines a Character Creator and a Combat Tracker, both of which are fully compatible with HARP […]

AutoHARP Fantasy: Collge of Magics Out Now!

AutoHARP Fantasy: College of Magics is OUT NOW and for the next two weeks only can be bought at the introductory price of $5.00 from RPGNow.   AutoHARP Fantasy: College of Magics is an add-on database (drawing upon the HARP College of Magics supplement) for the AutoHARP Fantasy software, which combines a character creator and […]

Director’s Briefing – August 2013

  Welcome to the twenty-sixth Director’s Briefing and the eighth scheduled for this year. This month’s Briefing is rather later than normal as I’m just back from Indianapolis. I know GenCon Indy has not started yet – I was presenting three papers at a microscopy conference. Unfortunately I could not simply hang around Indy for […]

Director’s Briefing – July 2013

  Welcome to the twenty-fourth Director’s Briefing and the seventh scheduled for this year. Rather than delay this Briefing, expect to see a short unscheduled Briefing to announce the release of HARP College of Magics in the next few days.   HARP Martial Law and AutoHARP Reminder   In case you have not heard, HARP […]


It has been a very big month for HARP so far with the release of HARP Martial Law which is available now for only $5.00, the release of AutoHARP Fantasy, AutoHARP-SF and the upcoming release of HARP College of Magics, so we thought we’d take some time to introduce those of you who haven’t played […]

AutoHARP available now!

          In addition to the recently released Martial Law (which you can now buy from the OneBookShelf network for only $5.00 for a limited time only), we now have two software releases to support HARP, namely AutoHARP Fantasy and AutoHARP SF.   AutoHARP Fantasy software combines a Character Creator and a […]