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Director’s Briefing – October 2023
Welcome to the one hundred-and-forty-seventh Briefing and tenth scheduled Briefing of 2023. Part works and explaining roleplaying…
Director’s Briefing – September 2023
Welcome to the one hundred-and-forty-sixth Briefing and ninth scheduled Briefing of 2023. RMU. As a reminder, we did send out…
Director’s Briefing – August 2023
Welcome. To the one hundred-and-forty-fifth Briefing and eighth scheduled Briefing of 2023. The run up to Gen Con 2023 felt a bit hectic even on this side of the pond…
Director’s Briefing – July 2023
Welcome to the one hundred-and-forty-fourth Briefing (echoes of a Long Expected Party) and seventh scheduled Briefing of 2023…
Rolemaster Unified Spell Law out now!
We are thrilled to announce that the second book for the brand new Rolemaster system (Rolemaster Unified) is now available in PDF…
Director’s Briefing – March 2023
Welcome to the one hundred-and-fortieth Briefing and third scheduled Briefing of 2023. RMU: First off, an updated version of Core Law has been released…
ERA for Spacemaster Privateers out now!
Iron Crown Enterprises are thrilled to announce the release of another ruleset for the brilliant ERA e-support package. ERA for Spacemaster Privateers…
ERA for Rolemaster Unified Core Law out now!
laying Assistant) for Rolemaster rejoice! Now you can use this amazing piece of e-support software to help manage your Rolemaster Unified game!
Director’s Briefing – January 2023
Welcome to the one hundred-and-thirty-eighth Briefing and first scheduled Briefing of 2022, and a very happy and healthy new year to all of you…
Director’s Briefing – December 2022
Welcome To the one hundred-and-thirty-seventh Briefing and twelfth scheduled Briefing of 2022. Despite the mistitling…

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