Rolemaster Unified Treasure Law out now!

We are thrilled to announce that the third book for the Rolemaster Unified system is now available in PDF. Get your copy of Rolemaster Unified Treasure Law exclusively from DrivethruRPG. For a limited time only you can get it for just $25.

Rolemaster Treasure Law is the magic item system of Rolemaster Unified.

At the heart of Rolemaster Treasure Law is the definitive system for magic item creation. Revised, reformatted, reorganized and expanded, and fully integrated with Rolemaster Spell Law, three new distinct alchemist professions can utilise their spells to create magical marvels.

Over two hundred items are fully detailed for use both as treasure and as practical examples. Production costs and spell failure results are included for player-character alchemists while typical market prices are included for those more concerned with magical commerce.

In addition, Treasure Law offers extended equipment lists, magical herbs and poisons, and gems including their physical and magical properties. Random treasure tables are provided for the gamemaster, including various forms of wealth, superior non-magical equipment, and magic items suitable for any level of play. A chapter on economics discusses worldbuilding considerations as well as the mechanics of buying and selling goods.

Don’t forget you can also pick up your copy of Rolemaster Unified Core Law and Rolemaster Unified Spell Law exclusively from DrivethruRPG.

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