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Prepare yourself for the ultimate fantasy roleplaying experience!

Why have your epic tales, intricate characters and imaginative locales limited by your rules system? Rolemaster offers advanced and expert role players the opportunity to take part in a game filled with gritty realism and exciting open-ended dice roles where the only limit is your imagination.

There are three different versions of Iron Crown Enterprise’s flagship Rolemaster system available. Each offers gamers a slightly different gaming experience. The most recent is Rolemaster Unified, a brand new system bringing together everything that was great about previous versions and updating them for the 21st century. The second is Rolemaster Classic (RMC), a reworking of the Rolemaster 2nd edition (RM2) rules from the early 1980′s. The final version is Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing (RMFRP) which is a reorganisation of the Rolemaster Standard System (RMSS). To review the differences between the various systems, please visit our Rolemaster versions page.

All Rolemaster, Shadow World and Spacemaster products are available exclusively from DrivethruRPG.

Customizable skill-based system

Rolemaster is a very detailed, consistent and intuitive role playing game designed for those who want more out of their gaming experience. It is an extremely customizable skill-based system where character development is truly in the hands of the player as every skill is available to every player while making use of professions to determine the development cost for the skill. This makes every character unique and allows the system to be used with any setting.

Realistic combat

While Rolemaster offers far more roleplaying than just combat, the combat system is often considered one of the best aspects of the game. The critical charts make combat far more realistic and exciting. It does away with the idea of combat damage as simple numbers and replaces it with life threatening strikes. Combat has moved from a basic dice rolling mechanic to a strategic decision, as the players are now forced to consider how aggressive they wish to be, and thereby how much they leave themselves open to a death-dealing critical.

Shadow World

The official Rolemaster setting is Shadow World, a vast high-fantasy world with powerful magic, real deities, and shades of grey between good and evil. Creatures both fantastic and horrible call the Shadow World home and keep it wondrous… and dangerous. Invisible flows of magical energy, the Essænce, cross the world interfering with travel but also providing power to those who can manipulate it. Shadow World is a richly detailed and exotic setting suitable for both veterans and newcomers alike.


Spacemaster is a Rolemaster rules system in a science fiction setting for fans who want all the realism and excitement of Rolemaster in a science fiction Role Playing Game.

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