HARP-SF: The roleplaying game of the future!

Whether your game focuses on events on a single inhabited world in the near future or is a galaxy-spanning epic set millenia hence in the far future, HARP SF is the right choice for you. HARP SF retains all the simplicity and flexibility of the original HARP Fantasy game while expanding its reach to a whole new universe of infinite possibilities.

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Flexible Character Creation

Characters can be human, a member of one of six alien races, a robot or even a software construct. Players can choose from eleven professions, nine cultures, eighty plus skills and over a hundred talents, and outfit their heroes with the latest in equipment and technology.

Critical Hits and Team Effort

HARP SF provides characters with a veritable arsenal of weapons and one roll combat resolution means that combats are exciting and perilous as the attack roll determines not only if your character has hit but also how much damage has been inflicted on your foe.

In HARP SF Xtreme, take the action to the next level with vehicle combat rules which scale from starfighter dogfights to epic battles between mighty dreadnoughts that will engage the entire party in the action.

Transhumans and Psionics

Take the next step in evolution with nanoware implants to enhance your character’s mental abilities and cybernetic replacements of limbs and organs that are faster, stronger and better than the originals.

Tap the powers of the mind and the universe itself with psionic abilities that can be customized to suit any campaign setting.

Tintamar Setting

Tintamar is our own universe as it might be in the twenty-fifth century. Indeed it is our galaxy and our part of the galaxy, not somewhere in a galaxy, far, far away. It is a setting that can easily support military, exploration, and intrigue campaigns with ease.

Tintamar is a science-fiction setting that both pays attention to the science and the technology but includes faster-than-light travel, psionics, and other fun stuff.

Recently discovered alien artifacts, known as portals, provide a much faster rate of travel around the universe. The discovery of the portals led to First Contact with several peaceful alien starfaring civilizations and an eventual war with the xenophobic and expansionist Silth – the first “foreign” peril faced by the Terran Federation and still an ongoing threat to human interests in the wider galaxy.

The cosmography of the Tintamar universe allows GMs to choose between human-only campaigns centered in human space and human-and-alien campaigns. With First Contact only a couple of decades prior to the notional starting date of 2473, GMs can set their games just before the portal discoveries without having to rework all the technology!

The tone of Tintamar is optimistic realism. It is not a utopia but neither is it a cyberpunk dystopia, although on some corporate dominated worlds, life could be bleak indeed. Planetary autonomy means that governments range from fully participatory democracies to despotic regimes – and the Federation does not intervene in internal affairs unless a member state becomes a threat to interworld security. The mega corporations wield as much or more influence than some planetary governments; many companies will pursue any means to achieve their goals including outright violence against competitors. Not all aliens are friendly and the Silth have not abandoned their goal of conquering the galaxy.

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