Director’s Briefing – December 2019

  If you would like to receive the Director’s Briefing straight to your inbox each month, you can sign up to our mailing list HERE.     Welcome   To the one hundred-and-second Briefing and final scheduled Briefing of 2019.     Dragonmeet 2019   Colin, John and I attended Dragonmeet in force, with some […]

Planet profile: Calignis

For those of you playing Spacemaster or HARP-SF, I thought this outline of a new planet might give you some inspiration or serve as a backdrop for your next adventure.   Name: Calignis Diameter: 11,252km Gravity: 0.97g Distance from sun: 0.92 au Year: 0.88 Earth years (322 Earth days) Rotation period: 19.7 hours Atmosphere: Mostly […]

Alien monster for your next Sci Fi adventure

Need a new and exciting monster for your next game of HARP-SF? Check out the creature I have created below. The stats are all based on HARP and HARP-SF creature creation, but the essence of the creature could easily be recreated in Spacemaster if that is your Science fiction RPG of choice.   Don’t have […]