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Director’s Briefing – February 2024


To the one hundred-and-fifty-first Briefing and second scheduled Briefing of 2024.


Treasure Law is now ready for pdf release and will go on sale on Wednesday 7th.

The third instalment of Rolemaster Unified, Treasure Law is the definitive magic item creation system as well as providing a comprehensive collection of loot with over two hundred items as worked examples of the alchemy rules.

Three new alchemist professions are introduced. Adepts are the unrivalled Essence masters of fashioning enchanted arms and armor as well as bladerunes and Constructs. Psychographers are the consummate Mentalism masters of empowering items with skill, talents and powers from themselves and others, and the creators of magical clones and abominable monstrosities. Sanctifiers channel the power of their god to dedicate items with powers aligned to their religion, to shape Golems and to consecrate shrines and the very land itself. Each of these professions can choose from at least ten spell lists, allowing for both versatile and specialist enchanters. Each spell list contains a complete set of spells from 1st to 20th level, plus epic 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 75th, and 90th magics, enabling the creation of artefacts of legendary puissance.

Treasure Law also has extended equipment lists, new magical herbs and poisons, and details of gems including their physical and magical properties. There is a chapter on economics discussing worldbuilding considerations as well as the mechanics of buying and selling goods.

Software – ERA and AutoHARP

Max has made a series of updates to ERA and various of the datasets, which have been uploaded onto DriveThru. ERA RMU Treasure Law has also been updated – as DriveThru prefers publishers not to release multiple products on the same day, ERA RMU Treasure Law will release after Treasure Law is safely up, so should appear on Thursday 8th.

The new version of AutoHARP is also now ready – customers who already have purchased an older version of AutoHARP will receive an email via DriveThru enabling them to obtain a free upgrade to the new AutoHARP. Please ensure that you have enabled receipt of emails from us through DriveThru.


As RMU Creature Law I is still receiving layout changes, I have been able to move onto my HARP editing queue so I am currently working on the manuscript for HARP Steampunk. I hope to have significant news to report on Steampunk next month.

Joel Lovell is pushing hard on HARP SF Poseidon Gambit. Colin has started commissioning the artwork and cartography for Banecroft: The Mage’s Tale.

Until next time

Please stay safe and keep gaming.

Best wishes, Nicholas

Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd

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