Director’s Briefing – May 2022


To the one hundred-and-thirtieth Briefing and fifth scheduled Briefing of 2022.

Gen Con 2022

We are now officially on the list as a vendor at Gen Con 2022, having completed the necessary paperwork to trigger us as being live for 2022 after having to sit out 2021 and 2020. We will be aiming to get as many new books to Gen Con as we can.


Once HARP Beyond the Veil is signed off by Lightning Source and we have inspected the proof copies, we will make HARP Beyond The Veil available in both softcover and hardcover, and add it to the Gen Con book batch.

Final checks are being made on HARP Subterfuge before its pdf release.

In an unexpected twist, David Martin, a freelancer writer contacted me about working on a HARP SF setting book. It turned out that he had a complete HARP Fantasy adventure manuscript from before Guild Companion Publications took on any of the main licenses. Rather than let this continue to gather electrons, we rescued the manuscript and I undertook an editing pass of the full draft. David is now working on some modest revisions to the manuscript – Banecroft: The Mage’s Tale will see the light of publication in due course.

Rolemaster and RMU

As some of you know scanning of old products is fraught with issues and not all scanned products come out as happily as we would like. Step forward Nick Redding who has worked his magic on Arcane Companion. It is now in a very happy state. If you have previously purchased our pdf version of Arcane Companion, please download the refreshed copy at your convenience.

On the RMU front, the biggest thing is obviously RMU Arms and Character Law, which has been renamed as RMU Core Law to properly reflect that it has Arms Law, Character Law and Gamemaster Law content. Nick Morawitz has completed a first layout pass on the manuscript and we (including myself) have been sweeping through the pdf in progress trying to catch any glitches and then letting Nick update the pdf.

In between our layout checking sweeps, Nick has been seen looking meaningfully at the RMU Spell Law manuscript and considering its layout.

The $64,000 question is will RMU Core Law be ready for Gen Con 2022? Stay tuned for updates.

Until next time

Please stay safe.

Best wishes,


Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd

Director’s Briefing – March 2022


To the one hundred-and-twenty-ninth Briefing and fourth scheduled Briefing of 2022. The world continues to suffer the consequences of neoTsarist imperialism; I hope the effects on you and yours are limited.


We expect to send the HARP Beyond the Veil print masters to Lightning Source this month.

We also hope to release HARP Subterfuge in pdf soon.

ERA Software

As we mentioned last time, all of the ERA datasets have been updated with training package content. These files have been updated on DriveThru.

The next big thing for the ERA software will be the release of Spacemaster Privateer datasets. I would expect these to start appearing in May, but if they are ready sooner, we will release them as soon as they are ready.


The artwork for RMU Treasure Law continues to arrive at pace. Colin is organising the artwork for the first volume of RMU Creature Law.

Our first wave of experiments were successful, so Nick has now embarked on the first layout pass on RMU Arms and Character Law. The layout phase has begun.

Until next time

Please stay safe.

Best wishes,


Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd

Rollmasker available now!

Iron Crown Enterprises are thrilled to announce the release of Rollmasker the official Rolemaster dice tower!

Keep yours and everyone elses dice rolls to yourself with this hastily thrown together cut out and build it yourself dice tower!

But how effective will a dice tower be if I have to make it with paper? Our answer – Not very!

Download your free copy of Rollmasker by clicking on the image below.

HARP Beyond the Veil – Out Now!

Iron Crown Enterprises are pleased to announce the release of HARP Beyond the Veil!

Behold! It is the chosen time for all Clerics to step forth on behalf of their Gods and lead the faithful to their ultimate destinies. HARP Beyond the Veil breathes new life into the Cleric and Paladin professions, expanding the range of possibilities for GMs and players alike. GMs will be able to create believable religions for their worlds, shaping them across ten characteristics and drawing upon real-world examples. Players will benefit from more tailored characters, matching religious mode and deity domain to create well defined, three dimensional Clerics and Paladins.

HARP Beyond the Veil is a rules expansion for High Adventure Roleplyaing (HARP) Fantasy.

You can get your copy for just $15 dollars exclusively from DrivethruRPG.

Found within:

  • An analysis of religions in classics of fantasy literature
  • Exploration of religions in the real world
  • Guidance on creating and customising religions for your setting
  • More than 40 domains of powers for Gods and their Clerics
  • Twelve new variant Clerics professions (including the Animist, the Cardinal, the Extirpationist, the Liturgist, the Missionary, and the Oracle)
  • The Paladin (Holy Warrior) profession and its own Spell Sphere
  • Ten new training packages (including the Abbot, Guru, Sacrificer and Sellsword)

Buy your copy exclusively from DrivethruRPG

Director’s Briefing – February 2022


To the one hundred-and-twenty-seventh Briefing and second scheduled Briefing of 2022.

Gen Con 2022

Subject to the unpleasant vagaries of the pandemic, we expect to be at Gen Con 2022. We will be sharing a booth with Pointy Hat Games. All being well, our ICE Team on the booth will be the three musketeers of Aaron Smalley, Nick Morawitz, and Monte Iafrate.


I am very pleased to report that HARP Garden of Rain is now available in softcover and hardcover versions as well as pdf.

Layout attention is now firmly fixed on HARP Subterfuge.

HARP Beyond the Veil

Jonathan Cassie’s sourcebook on religions and the divine has successfully completed layout. It will therefore be published for sale on very shortly.

What can you expect to find within HARP Beyond The Veil?

A look at how fantasy authors have included religion and the divine in their worlds. A journey through time and space as Jonathan crosses continents and millennia to reflect on the spiritual dimensions of human cultures. Next worldbuilding assistance in how to fashion religions and spiritual contexts for your setting with nine fleshed out examples. Onward into the Cleric profession itself and an extensive collection of domains or spheres of influence for the Clerics of your setting. Twelve variant Cleric professions to specialise your priestly profession – combined with the domains, you will have very individual Clerics – and a full blown Paladin (Holy Warrior) profession complete with its own Spell Sphere. Round off the book with a selection of religiously themed training packages. 


Aaron has been resourceful as ever and has completed his minor corrections and adjustments to RMU Creature Law volume one. Colin has been busy and I have many artwork contracts to issue for RMU Treasure Law. Once HARP Subterfuge has completed its layout pass, we will be letting Nick Morawitz loose on the layout for RMU Arms and Character Law.

Until next time

Please stay safe.

Best wishes,


Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd

Director’s Briefing – January 2022


To the one hundred-and-twenty-sixth Briefing and first scheduled Briefing of 2022, and a very happy and healthy new year to all of you.

My Christmas reading was the duology of novels by Proxima and Ultima by Stephen Baxter, River of Stars (set in an alternate 12th-century Song Dynasty China) and Children of Earth and Sky (set in an alternate Europe). Elsewhere I watched Spiderman: No Way Home and Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

A Retrospective on 2021

2021 has been another year dominated by the pandemic.

2021 was the year in which we tragically lost Terry Amthor.

The website issues were successfully resolved with a move to a new hosting provider. HARP Bestiary completed layout and was published in pdf and made it to print in December. HARP Garden of Rain completed layout and has also been published in pdf (with a print master in progress). HARP Beyond the Veil and HARP Subterfuge remain in layout. The full manuscript of HARP Steampunk has arrived. All of the artwork was completed for RMU Arms and Character Law, nearly all is completed for RMU Spell Law, and the commissioning process is well underway for RMU Treasure Law. The RMU Character Companion has been extensively worked on.Although we decided to roll over our Gen Con 2021 spot to 2022, we cautiously attended Dragonmeet.


Looking to our hopes for 2022 in terms of new products.

In HARP, we will progress HARP Garden of Rain to print. Both HARP Beyond the Veil and HARP Subterfuge will be published as they are nearly finished in layout. We also expect to see HARP SF Poseidon Gambit see publication. HARP Steampunk will go to editing and beyond. We received an unexpected adventure module manuscript (Tales from Banecroft) in December, which we will seek to progress through to publication.

Colin and I will continue the Cyradon work in terms of the adventure module refresh.

For Shadow World, I will be working my way carefully through the Emer IV files to piece together Emer IV, Terry’s last full manuscript. We expect to publish Priest-King of Shade and will progress The Night of the Third Moon adventure module through editing, and make further headway on the HARP Handbook for Shadow World.

In RMU, I have now completed a full editing pass on the first volume of Creature Law. It is back with Aaron for some minor corrections and adjustments.Given the artwork status achieved already for Arms and Character Law and Spell Law, both of those will be heading into layout shortly. Expect 2022 to be the year when we publish RMU.

In software, we expect to release a set of ERA datasets for Spacemaster: Privateers.

With a little luck, other projects for HARP and Rolemaster will reach full draft or equivalent status in 2022.

The ongoing pandemic means that conventions remain uncertain. However, we hope that Gen Con 2022 and Dragonmeet 2022 will run in a more normal way, and we will gladly support any fans who are willing to run games at conventions (physical and virtual), through prizes and other assistance.

Until next time

Please stay safe.

Best wishes,


Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd

HARP Bestiary miniatures – Land Monsters

My name is Colin and I’m addicted to minis. I love minis. Any game with minis and I want to own it or at least play it. I love using minis with tabletop roleplaying games and recently lost a couple of hours of my life just browsing custom minis on Etsy. To make sure that time wasn’t completely wasted (and to further sate my mini addiction), I figured I would put together this post.

With the recent release of HARP Bestiary in print, I thought I would put together a selection of minis that I have found on Etsy which could be used to represent some of the monsters in the book. Unfortunately there were so many awesome minis that I was only able to do the land monsters chapter. I hope to do the other chapters in the coming weeks.

Caustic Slime pg 117

Cerberus pg 119

Chimera pg 123

Dire Bear pg 125

Dire Boar pg 126

Fungus Men pg 129

Magmamen pg 137

Manticore pg 138

Rock Worm pg 143

Sphinx pg 146

HARP Bestiary is available now from DrivethruRPG in PDF and in softcover or hardcover formats. Get your copy now.

Director’s Briefing – December 2021


To the one hundred-and-twenty-fifth Briefing and eleventh scheduled Briefing of 2021. I hope that you and yours are staying well.

Terry Amthor’s Legacy

A first batch of the files from Terry’s estate have safely arrived. It is a megafolder containing all of Emer IV. I am still working my way through the files to see just how close Terry had come to completion. However this part of Terry’s legacy has been found and we will bring it to complete publication.

More folders will be sent as Terry’s estate executors make sense of the folders.

Dragonmeet 2021

Colin and I attended Dragonmeet on the 4th. Although the organisers indicated that there were more traders present than ever, it felt a smaller and quieter convention, with no surges of fans at any point. But there were still games being played, books sold (by us and other vendors), and we had some very good conversations with fans. Given the latest unhappy developments of Covid in the UK, I think we were fortunate that Dragonmeet was able to happen at all and was as successful as it was.


We had an unexpected problem with the print version of HARP Bestiary and we had to rejig the print masters to make them behave. Consequently the cycle of fix, upload, validate and get proof copies to check meant we ran out of time to get sufficient copies printed to sell at Dragonmeet. However, we did have softcover and hardcover display copies to show off and I know that Colin was delighted to be able to share pictures of these monster volumes, pun intended.

HARP Bestiary is now available for sale in both print editions through DriveThruRPG.

A softcover proof copy of HARP Garden of Rain arrived a couple of days before Dragonmeet; the hardcover proof was waiting in the letter box when I got home from Dragonmeet. As we were not completely happy with the proofs, we have adjusted the masters again and once we are happy, it too will go on sale.


We only have one additional image for RMU Spell Law to commission. Colin is now considering what needs to be commissioned for the first volume of RMU Creature Law. I hope to complete my editing pass during the Christmas holidays.

Until next time

As the next scheduled Briefing will be in the new year, all that remains for me to do is wish you a very Merry Christmas (or other holiday of your choice) and again please stay safe so that 2022 is a better year for everyone.

Best wishes,


Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd

Gift Guide 2021

Happy holidays everyone! As is customary this time of year, I have put together a list if things that I think might be good for the ICE fan or tabletop roleplaying game fan in your life.

HARP Garden of Rain

Garden of Rain is designed as a HARP Fantasy adventure module for 4 or more characters of 5th or 6th level. It is also statted for Rolemaster Classic and Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying.

The community of Vallegarde, a once prosperous village in a remote mountain valley, is beset by freak rainstorms that threaten to drown all its inhabitants in an unstoppable flood. Arriving in the nick of time, daring adventurers have the chance to save the villagers from watery death and win a temporary reprieve. Unravelling the mystery behind the unceasing rains and thwarting the supernatural foes of Vallegarde will be a test of wits, martial prowess and magic for true heroes.

Garden of Rain may be used as a standalone adventure module to slot into the GM’s existing campaign world.

HARP Garden of Rain is available now as a pdf and will be available in print very soon.

Lord of the Rings You Shall Not Pass Adult Ugly Sweater

I don’t know why they refer to it as an ‘ugly’ sweater. I think it’s beautiful. What better way to celebrate the holiday season than with this wonderful Tolkien inspired sweater.

You can also get another Lord of the Rings jumper called ‘Mordor’ but I would say that one is less festive than this Moria version.

Dice jail for misbehaving dice

As anyone who has ever gamed with me will tell you, I have the worst luck when it comes to rolling dice. I don’t know what I did to anger the dice gods, but they take every opportunity to smite me. If I put every misbehaving dice into a dice jail, I would very soon have no dice at all. Even so… These are beautiful and I want them.

These dice jails come in a variety of different styles and sizes and I think they’re just swell!

Dice stocking filled with goodies

I added this dice stocking to the list when I thought it was just a really nice stocking for fans of dice and tabletop roleplaying games. On closer inspection though, it will also contain a minimum 2 sets of dice, a method of storage and lots of other goodies.

A great gift for people who don’t have a stocking and don’t have any ideas what to put in a stocking.

HARP Bestiary

Ready your weapons and your spells to battle the fiends, dangerous and diabolical, described in this tome. Learn of the mundane and supernatural perils that prowl the wildernesses of the world, of the mighty denizens of the seas and oceans, and of the winged beasts soaring on the winds above.

Created for HARP Fantasy, HARP Bestiary contains descriptions, stats and adventure notes for 79 animals, 56 monsters, 4 weres, 14 dragons, 19 undead, 24 elementals, 26 demons and new talents, spells and overlays to create your own monsters.

HARP Bestiary is available now as a pdf and will be available very soon in print.

HARP Bestiary cover

Recipes from the world of Tolkien

Ever wondered what Lembas Bread, Cram, or Beorn’s Honey Cakes might taste like?

From Crickhollow Apple Loaf, Pippin’s Minas Tirith Lunch, and Brandywine Fish Pie to Dwarven Spiced Pickled Beetroot, Westfarthing Fairings, and Beorn’s Twice-Baked Cakes, Recipes from the World of Tolkien includes over 75 mouth-watering recipes that will take you on a journey through Middle-earth, delivering a treat for your taste buds and your imagination.

This collection of delicious recipes also features stunning illustrations and artwork throughout, as well as short feature essays that explore the compelling role of food in Tolkien’s works. This is the perfect, must-have addition to any Tolkien fan’s bookshelf.

It’s hard to tell how good this book is without owning it myself, but I love the idea of it.

Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds is just an absolutely brilliant way of playing Rolemaster Classic with friends who can’t all be around a table. This Virtual Table Top takes care of all elements of tabletop gaming, is easy to use, and has a very active development team regularly bringing out updates, improvements and new add ons.

ERA for Rolemaster Arms Law for Rolemaster Classic esupport database

ERA for Rolemaster RMFRP Arms Law (2003)

This product is an add-on feature package for ERA for Rolemaster.

With ERA you can create Rolemaster characters and then manage their adventures. Players can also monitor their characters from their mobile devices as the action progresses. But no adventure is complete without some gritty combat. Blows must be dealt, and damage resolved. In the free base ERA product you will find 2 sample weapons and 3 critical tables.

This feature package adds all attack and critical tables in RMFRP Arms Law (2003). Arm your characters with weapons from the sling to the battle axe, and your monsters with 11 different natural attacks. Or just go bare handed with martial arts strikes or throws. For increased damage, deal some of Rolemaster’s acclaimed criticals.

Hobbit Door Wreaths

Coming in a range of colours and designs, these door wreaths could be used all year round. Evoking the idea of the round doors on hobbit holes seen in the recent Tolkien inspired movies, these would be a great gift for any Middle Earth Role Playing or general Tolkien fans.

Dice set bath bombs

This site has a wide selection of different dice shaped bath bombs. The even cooler thing? They come with dice inside!

I won’t be held responsible for any injuries that may occur by people forgetting that there are now dice in the bath and sitting on them. Despite the obvious risks though, they’re great fun for any dice or gaming fans and they even come in D10s!

Please don’t kill my character T-shirt

This just seems like something that every Rolemaster player should own.

It comes in a range of different colours and sizes and I’m almost certain will have absolutely no affect on any GMs…It looks cool though.

Director’s Briefing – November 2021


To the one hundred-and-twenty-fourth Briefing and tenth scheduled Briefing of 2021. I hope that you and yours are staying well.

Terry Amthor RIP

Terry’s sister, Tamara, has been in touch. Terry’s online obituary is at  Terry did not want a memorial service, so Tamara is encouraging friends and fans to post either on the obituary page or on Terry’s Facebook page.

Dragonmeet 2021

All being well, we will be attending Dragonmeet on the 4th December at the Novotel Hammersmith. Full details of the convention can be found at

If you are planning on running a Rolemaster, HARP, Shadow World or Spacemaster or any other ICE game, please let Colin know. If you are attending, please drop by our stand for a chat.


Nick Morawitz has made vast progress on the layout of HARP Beyond the Veil such that it requires only a few tiny touchups before it can be published. He has also made good progress on HARP Subterfuge.

I have, however, cruelly interrupted him to return to the errata fixes on HARP Bestiary and the creation of new print masters. It is going to be a close run thing on whether we can get HARP Bestiary approved by Lightning Source and copies ready for Dragonmeet. We will also attempt to race HARP Garden of Rain to print for Dragonmeet.


More artwork has arrived for RMU Spell Law and Colin has been quietly commissioning artwork for RMU Treasure Law. I am stealthily working my way through RMU Creature Law.

Until next time

Please stay safe.

Best wishes,


Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd

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