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Iron Crown Newsletter – May 2013

Ordinarily I’m not a fan of this time of year. I think somewhere down the line, one of my great ancestors must have been a polar bear and as such I tend to spend the hotter months growling at people for suggesting that it would be “nice” to go and sit outside in the sun. […]

New modules for Rolemaster in Fantasy Grounds

Thanks to some brilliant work carried out by some of our amazing fans, there is now an updated version of Rolemaster Classic available in Fantasy Grounds with a whole bunch of improvements including two entirely new modules. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Fantasy Grounds is an application that acts as a […]

Shadow World: The Cloudlords of Tanara OUT NOW!

Available now from RPGNow Shadow World: The Cloudlords of Tanara. A classic module of Shadow World, set in the east of the continent of Jaiman, and updated by Terry Amthor for play in both its original time era and the current Shadow World timeline. The original Cloudlords of Tanara was set over three thousand years […]

XP Calculator available now on iTunes

The brilliant XP Calculator by Lars Wilkstrom is now available on iTunes. XP Calc – We took the combat engine out of XP Tracker to create a streamlined iPhone application called XP Calc. This allows new and seasoned users to easily convert their combat information and gaming notes to Experience Points, and level up! Just […]