HARP College of Magics now available in print!

HARP Fantasy College of Magics cover
Continue your journey on the new road to High Adventure
The College of Mages is now accepting qualified students interested in learning the art and craft of Magic. If you have demonstrated an aptitude for Magic, then we urge you to enroll today. Novices are welcome.
College of Magics expands the depth and breadth of HARP magic. Among the topics that the book covers are:

  • What is magic and how does it work
  • New types of magic, including natural magic, alchemy, and enchantment
  • Rules for creating and designing new spells
  • New HARP spells
  • A primer on temporary and permanent magic item design
  • New professions including the Elementalist, the Vivamancer, the Thaumaturge and the Necromancer

In addition to all this, a quartet of artists have provided a wonderful collection of new, inspiring and relevant illustrations which can now be enjoyed in the splendor of high quality printed hardcover and softcover books.
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