The skyship trembled and began to list to starboard, her structure creaking ominously. Both men staggered but regained their balance as the craft slewed about in a strangely majestic spin, drawn towards the Essænce vortex. Ignoring the wind tearing at his clothes and flowing hair, Sulfean carefully replaced his Compass in its padded leather pouch. Moje fought to control his own flapping cloak in this sudden gale, while the Navigator turned to face the storm.

The world of Kulthea, The Shadow World, is an ancient world of powerful magic, real deities, and shades of grey between good and evil. The world is home to hundreds—or perhaps thousands—of cultures that run the spectrum of technology from Old Stone Age through Late Renaissance, although Iron Age predominates. Creatures both fantastic and horrible call the Shadow World home and keep it wondrous… and dangerous. Invisible flows of magical energy, the Essænce, cross the world interfering with travel but also providing power to those who can manipulate it.

Shadow World is a high-fantasy setting published as a complete setting for the Rolemaster system in the late 1980’s by Iron Crown Enterprise (ICE) and written primarily by Terry Amthor. Shadow World incorporated earlier published works by ICE such as Vog Mur and new material has continued to be published for it by, at various points, ICE, Eidolon Studios, and Guild Companion Publications Ltd. On this world of Kulthea there are more than a dozen continents although the vast majority of material written has been for the large middle continent of Emer and its neighbor to the north, Jaiman.

Welcome to the Shadow World.

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