Spacemaster: A game of Laser cannons, blasters, alien races, and interstellar war with the versatility to support any futuristic setting an expert Game Master can create.

Spacemaster provides the science fiction role player with a realistic and technically detailed skills-based system and a plethora of character choices in terms of professions, species, talents and skills, making it the system of choice for expert gamers.

Spacemaster is available in two editions, namely Spacemaster 2nd Edition (analogous and broadly compatible with Rolemaster 2nd Edition and Rolemaster Classic) and Spacemaster Privateers (analogous and compatible with Rolemaster Standard System and Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing).

Spacemaster 2nd edition cover

The Space Master System is useable in a variety of SF environments, from a bleak near future of post-holocaust Earth, to a culture of high-tech exploration, to a distant time where civilization has fallen to superstitious ruin.
Choose from 17 professions, including Armsman, Planetologists, Telepaths, Starship Pilots, or Engineering Specialists. There are dozens of flexible sub-professions, eliminating artificial restrictions. Over 120 skills and a rich selection of background options allow each character to be a complex, multi-talented individual. The sophisticated rules are set out in a lucid, understandable format.
Space Master: The Role Playing GameTM is completely compatible with all Space Master modules, and is the first part of a Science Fiction Gaming Trilogy. The second part of the trilogy, Space Master: Star Strike TM (Fall 1988), is a fast-paced game of interplanetary ship combat and puts you in the gunner’s chair as you face enemy starships. Space Master: Armored AssaultTM (Winter 1988-89), moves the combat planetside, where Hovertanks, Powered Armor, and Aircraft vie for supremacy. Space Master can also be integrated with Rolemaster; used together they set the stage for sweeping, coherent, science-fantasy campaigns.
The default setting for Spacemaster 2 is the classic Imperium setting, where a human empire spans the galaxy in a future thousands of years hence. Noble houses, megacorporations, and other organisations vie for influence and more in a setting rich in transhumans, robots, psionics, aliens, and other exotica.

The panel exploded in a glowing crash of sparks. Mrralff cursed violently, waiting for the diagnostics to flicker across his screen. He breathed a sigh of relief. Nothing was damaged that did not have a redundant system.

Their relative velocities had carried Mrralff and his enemy far apart. It would take a moment for the Jeronan to pull his craft back into a firing position. but only a moment. The computer was still fighting to orient after the torpedo impact. His father, when training him to fly, had been very clear on the matter “Recover the tumble within 3 seconds or I’ll beat you until you’re unconscious.” His ISC flight instructor had been more helpful. “When your gimbals are out and you don’t have time to tackle roll, pitch and yawl one at a time, just pick a point in the sky fly toward it. Easier said than done.

In the Privateers universe, a mysterious race known as the Architects seeded local space with lifeforms leading to seven sentient species evolving on multiple worlds and forming two diverse interstellar civilisations. These star nations, the Inter-Species Confederation and the Jeronan Empire, are now locked in a life-or-death war. Independent shipowners and mercenaries are being commissioned as privateers to strengthen the war effort – an opportunity for player-characters to potentially decide the fate of the galaxy.

Spacemaster Privateers is the perfect way to start your adventures with the ultimate science fiction role playing system. In the dynamic Privateers setting, you and your players play a part in the last, desperate gamble to win a war against an evil driven by insanity.

Everything you need to play, combat, character creation, a complete setting, starships and even psychic powers can be found in the pages of this one book!

Once you’re up and running, other Spacemaster support books add even more flavor, detail, and action to your game. The wonders of the future can be yours today!