High Adventure Role Playing (HARP) includes Iron Crown’s exciting inventions of critical hits, the extraordinary results of open-ended dice rolls and the full flexibility of a skills-based system and uses them to provide a hugely exciting high adventure role playing experience in a single book.

HARP Fantasy features comprehensive yet swift, “high adventure” play, supported by mechanics such as fate points, a scalable spell system and story-driven character advancement.

HARP is designed for players and Game Masters looking for clear core rules combined with guidelines that provide advice for the resolution of any action.

All HARP Fantasy, Cyradon and HARP-SF products are available exclusively at DrivethruRPG.

Flexible Character Creation

While HARP uses professions, races, and cultures as the basis for your character, those pieces don’t tie you to any hard and fast policies about who your character can be. HARP allows anyone to learn exotic weapons, wear armor, pick locks, sing songs, or even cast spells. The only limitation is the cost of these skills and abilities. In HARP every skill is either favored or not. If it is favored it costs 2 development points to gain 1 rank, otherwise it costs 4.

Exciting Combat with Critical Hits

Ever enter combat against five foes at once, and simply wonder how many rounds it will take until you hack your way through them all? Or maybe you’ve decided to use a special ability to dispatch them two or three at a time. Did you figure out the ideal tactic to wipe out every type of monster? And did you get bored soon after? With HARP it’s not about mastering the building of the most powerful character, it’s about experiencing the thrill of High Adventure. Enjoy the story that unfolds as your attack roll decides not only if you strike your opponent, but how much damage and what critical results occur as well. Combining speed, excitement, critical and open-ended dice rolls, HARP really brings combat to life.

Scaleable Spellcasting

In some systems, once you have learned how to cast a spell you move on to the next one. In HARP, you learn that sometimes learning a spell isn’t enough – you need to master it. By continuing to learn more about the spell it becomes easier and easier to cast… or you can go High Adventure and make the spell do more – more targets, more distance, more damage… Find out why not every fireball is the same as you scale your spells differently based upon the situation in which you find yourself.

Cyradon and HARP-SF

Cyradon is a swashbuckling, romantic, fictional setting suitable for newcomers to HARP and HARP veterans and is the official setting for HARP Fantasy verterans. For players who prefer Science fiction based Role Playing Games there is HARP-SF. HARP-SF offers everything that HARP does in an exciting science fiction setting.