Cyradon – the world of Mithra – is a complex, fractured world.

On the continent of Cyradon, Elvish kingdoms strive to carve out an existence on the borders of a land petrified by magical fire through political intrigue and martial might. In the cracks and forgotten places, the gnomes struggle to preserve what life there is as well as restore the damage done by the great cataclysm. To the west, the civilized, literate Nagazi Lizardmen guard the ancient knowledge of the Mithrans—that may be the key to the salvation of Cyradon. Most Gryphons keep to themselves in their eyries, setting only their exiles and castoffs to stand guard over the ruins of the forgotten city.

Legend has it, the only mortals to live on this place were human magicians, and the humans of Cyradon are long dead. How will the races of Cyradon react to a new influx of humanity? How will the balance of power be altered? Will the humans choose to stay here since the world they knew was shattered?

The key word for Cyradon is “fun”. – Cyradon is a swashbuckling, romantic, high fantasy setting where player characters can shape the future of this rediscovered land, and as they rise in power, the very fate of the world may rest upon their shoulders.

In the lands of Cyradon, there are no ancient gods stalking the lands nor satanic dark lords with uncounted legions, but the legacies of a magical cataclysm and sundered kingdoms will challenge all who seek to forge a new destiny. And far beyond Cyradon, lie the mysterious exotic islands of the Shatterings and the warring elder nations of the great continent of Anias.

Cyradon is Iron Crown Enterprises’ main setting for High Adventure Role Playing (HARP).