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  To celebrate reaching 1,000 followers on our Rolemaster Facebook page we’re giving everyone $5 off of hardcover copies of some of our top products!   You can now get HARP SF, HARP SF Xtreme, Shadow World Cloudlords of Tanara and Shadow World Emer III for $5 less. Hurry though, the discount runs out on […]

Director’s Briefing – March 2014

  Welcome to the thirty-third Briefing and the third scheduled Briefing for 2014.   Encroachment fully underway   My real-world battle with the lectures and assignments continues. There’s been some Dirty Fighting tactics from my opponent – having the students infect me with some unpleasant throat malady and cough caused some unexpected activity penalties. Despite […]

Iron Crown Newsletter – May 2013

Ordinarily I’m not a fan of this time of year. I think somewhere down the line, one of my great ancestors must have been a polar bear and as such I tend to spend the hotter months growling at people for suggesting that it would be “nice” to go and sit outside in the sun. […]

Director’s Briefing – May 2013

This is our twenty-second Briefing and is the fifth scheduled Briefing for 2013. Shadow World: The Cloudlords of Tanara Cloudlords of Tanara is back and is better than ever, combining material from the classic era and the current Kulthean timeframe, and includes RM2/Classic and RMSS/FRP stats. Available in pdf from the OneBookShelf ecommerce network (see […]