Iron Crown Newsletter – May 2013

Ordinarily I’m not a fan of this time of year. I think somewhere down the line, one of my great ancestors must have been a polar bear and as such I tend to spend the hotter months growling at people for suggesting that it would be “nice” to go and sit outside in the sun. Luckily I have a whole host of exciting news to bring you to help get me through the summer.

Catch up on what you’ve missed with this month’s Director’s Briefing.


We understand better than anyone that real life often gets in the way of what we really want to do. That’s why we have simplified the rules of our Rolemaster’s 30th anniversary competition. You can now submit entries to any category for Character Law until the 6th June. We’re looking for your best, most exciting, funniest or most imaginative character and will be judging them in the following categories:

  • Character from the realm of Arms
  • Character from the realm of Channeling
  • Character from the realm of Essence
  • Character from the realm of Mentalism
  • Character from the Hybrid realms

You’ve got until the 6th of June to submit your characters via our forum, so get posting.

For more information and further rules on this and other upcoming competitions please visit our website.


There is lots of exciting news to report on HARP Fantasy this month. For starters the new HARP Fantasy book is now available in softcover and hardcover via print-on-demand from RPGNow and other OneBookShelf outlets.

In other news, the long awaited HARP Martial Law and HARP College of Magics are due for release very soon and soon respectively. A complete pdf of the enhanced Martial Law is currently with proofreaders for a final typo catch. College of Magics has been updated to its new layout and updates are being made to its interior text. When they are released, both books will be available on special offer for a limited time to give all HARP fans the opportunity to upgrade to the new enhanced version.

It is expected that Martial Law will hit the pdf “shelves” before the next newsletter so keep and eye on our website / social media outlets / forums and we’ll let you know the second it is available.


This month has seen the release of the brilliant Shadow World: Cloudlords of Tanara in hardcover and softcover color via print-on-demand.

Buy it here!

Shadow World: Cloudlords of Tanara is a classic module of Shadow World, set in the east of the continent of Jaiman, and updated by Terry Amthor for play in both its original time era and the current Shadow World timeline.

The original Cloudlords of Tanara was set over three thousand years before the present time of 6056 in the Third Era. Some things are the same, but many things have changed. Groups dormant for ages have awakened again: The evil Cult of Ezran, the Priests Arnak, and even the Cloudlords themselves have returned from legend into stark reality. And the Elven-realm to the east, Urulan, long thought lost, has awakened again with a Queen wearing the ancient, magical Unicorn Crown. Turning back an invasion by the imperialist Rhakhaan Kingdom, she threatens the peace of Tanara, which now finds itself caught between two realms.


Thanks to some brilliant work carried out by some of our amazing fans, there is now an updated version of Rolemaster Classic available in Fantasy Grounds with a whole bunch of improvements including two entirely new modules.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Fantasy Grounds is an application that acts as a virtual gaming table which allows you to play with players from across the world as seamlessly as if you were sat in the same room.

The update includes:

  • Initial stat generation rolls (all 3 character law options included)
  • Stat Gain rolls (All 10 rolls can be completed in seconds)
  • Skill Development (Lots of options to help with adding and changing skills)
  • Spell Lists can be added quickly

In addition to this, the new version includes modules for The Armory and Rolemaster Fantasy Weapons, making it even simpler to play Rolemaster in Fantasy Grounds.

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