Director’s Briefing – March 2014

Welcome to the thirty-third Briefing and the third scheduled Briefing for 2014.
Encroachment fully underway
My real-world battle with the lectures and assignments continues. There’s been some Dirty Fighting tactics from my opponent – having the students infect me with some unpleasant throat malady and cough caused some unexpected activity penalties. Despite this, I’ve moved from a presemester starting position of 36 lectures and 6 assignments/exams to create to 14 lectures and 2 assignments/exams with 6 of the lectures in outline form. My expectation is that with marking thrown into the mix, the melee will continue some ways into April, but I can see a finishing line.
Shadow World
Emer 3 has been available as a pdf and at a discounted price. Some errata in the pdf were found – they have been corrected, so if you were an early purchaser, just visit your OneBookShelf account and redownload the file. Terry has created the print masters, which were duly approved by OneBookShelf and LightningSource, and Terry and I have received and checked the proof copies from the US and UK printing facilities respectively. We are happy with both softcover and hardcover versions, and you will find them available for purchase from OneBookShelf.
The introductory price offer for Emer 3 in pdf thus comes to an end. However as an experiment, we are offering a modest discount on pdf+print bundles of Emer 3, so there is a saving still to be made if you buy the pdf and a print version at the same time.
Many thanks to everyone who has bought Emer 3 so far – it has already become a Silver seller on RPGNow.
Terry has been doing his own time-slicing, shuttling between Eidolon and Emer 2 for the enhanced editions, and adding new Shadow World adventures as a third distinct strand of activity. And he has another editorial pass on the next iteration of a third-party sourcebook to do.
There were some glitches in the RMSS/FRP dataset for the Rolemaster Combat Minion, so we are awaiting on their resolution before making it live.
Progress is being made on Unified Rolemaster and I will be using some of my time-slices to produce a “Heisenberg uncertainty” countdown for the forums.
HARP and HARP SF (and spacemaster)
I am pleased to report that interest has been expressed in OCR / text extraction of old Spacemaster Imperium setting products, and in HARP SF setting sourcebook(s). I will be contacting people as soon as I can to get this organised and running.
I am also happy to see further commentary on future expansions for HARP SF and Tintamar, and again this will be followed up as soon as I get the opportunity.
The final draft of “M for Murder” still requires my attention, but some of the HARP Bestiary team have been seconded to bringing the monsters given in Cyradon into compliance with the new monster creation rules, so this will assist in progressing the entire Cyradon line.
Until next time
Back to battles and time-slicing. The next scheduled Briefing will be in April.
Best wishes,
Director, Guild Companion Publications Ltd.
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