The return of the Killer Rabbit!

High Adventure Role Playing Tabletop RPG


We were so busy working away on the new HARP Bestiary we almost forgot it was Halloween. We wanted to give you all something to make this Halloween a special one and to give you a taste of what the HARP Bestiary might have on offer, so here it is…

Level 10
Size Small
BMR Type Quadruped
BMR 41
Init 20
DB 101
Hits 188
Attacks +119 Huge-Slash (Bite)
# Enc 1
Outlook Hostile
Treasure R R3 N
Stamina 133
Will 42
Magic 72

A plump bundle of fluff identical to its harmless cousin, the killer rabbit betrays its true nature after the innocent wayfarer makes cooing noises of appreciation. The cute, bright–eyed bunny leaps for the throat, its jaws spreading to encompass an impressive chunk of neck. Steely muscles clamp sharp teeth together, frequently ripping the victim’s head from their body.
Abilities: Agile Defense, Assassin Training, Athletic, Blazing Speed (x4), Combat Awareness, Dense Musculature, Enhanced Scent, Extremely Nimble, Greater Resistance (Stamina), Instinctive Defense, Lightning Reflexes, Natural Weapon (Bite), Tough Hide (Lesser), Toughness, Nasty Bite (Grants Huge Bite to Small Creatures), Shrink (Minor)
DB: 101 (QUx2 = +38, Lesser Tough Hide, Agile Defense, Dense Musculature, Instinctive Defense)
Skills: Ambush (33) +103, Climbing (20) +101, Endurance (33) +143, Jumping (33) +104, Resistance – Magic (20) +72, Resistance – Stamina (25) +133, Resistance – Will (10) +42, Bite – Huge Slash (33) +119, Foraging/Survival Plains (33) +75
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