Open call for Shadow World adventures

Shadow World Setting for Rolemaster RPG
We have been talking about putting out a call for Shadow World adventure material and are now ready to make that call.
What we are interested in:
1) Adventures suitable for low level (to 5th), medium (6th to 10th), high (11th to 20th) adventuring parties.
2) Adventure locations, e.g. sites of interest to adventurers like outposts, fortresses, manses, cavern complexes, Coral Road entrances, etc.
3) Adventures and adventure locations for this round should be set in NW or NE Emer, or in Jaiman (with Xa-ar and Saralis of special interest).
4) Adventures and adventure locations must be consistent with canonical material and must not “break” Shadow World – no blowing up cities, killing off canonical NPCs, or derailing existing plotlines. You may submit adventure plots where failure of adventurers to stop some peril will further an existing NPC or faction agenda, likewise PC success should only pose a modest setback to the NPC / faction. Do not create additional factions. All material will be reviewed by Terry K. Amthor for conformance with his vision and canon.
Please submit a 100 – 200 word synopsis to Nicholas Caldwell for our initial review. Assuming we are happy with the synopsis, we will invite you to write up your idea as a complete adventure or adventure location. Length should be five thousand to ten thousand words, plus Rolemaster stats (Classic and RMSS/FRP). All submissions must include any required maps, though we reserve the right to redraw maps to production quality.
Our intended deadline for full submissions is 31st December 2013. In return for copyright transfer, we will pay one US cent per published word, plus a complimentary copy of the final product in pdf and print-on-demand. You will get a full contract at the time of being invited to submit a full manuscript.
The goal of this is to create an occasional series of adventure collections for Shadow World along the lines of The Guild Adventurer. Frequency will depend upon sufficient contributions and sales demand; future issues will have additional regions available for setting adventures and locations.
Please post any questions on the Shadow World board on the ICE forum.
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