Author: Colin Tucker

Online Iron Crown Enterprises Interview

Nicholas Caldwell and John Seal from Guild Companion Publications and Aurigas Alderbaron are interviewed by farsight blogger about Roleplay gaming, ICE and what we’re working on. Read this great insight here:

Proclamations from the Crown (Sept 2012)

Aurigas Aldebaron’s Address You may think that Iron Crown Enterprises had recently been putting all their energy into creating new products and rejuvenating the old. You are wrong. In addition to the stellar work of the designers, writers, artists, layout professionals and others involved in the production of our new product offerings, ICE has been […]

Proclamations from the Crown (August 2012)

Aurigas Aldebaron’s Address Happy Thirtieth Anniversary! There was a number of items I wanted to talk about this quarter, and was struggling how to start which is why I’m a bit late (that, and the day job ), but a book I have been reading with my daughter, Charlotte, combined with some ranting over on […]

Celebrating 30 Years of Rolemaster

Gamers have been enjoying the thrill of the critical and the excitement of the open ended result for 30 years… Throughout the years there have been revisions but regardless, the experience has always remained the same – an exciting taste of realism with grit and excitement that remind you that every battle could be your […]

Director’s Briefing – The Rolemaster Briefing (June 2012)

Director’s Briefing This is a special Director’s Briefing.   In the United Kingdom and indeed throughout the Commonwealth, we have been celebrating the diamond (or 60th) jubilee of the accession of Elizabeth II as Queen during June. This year also marks another jubilee, and one of interest to all the readers of these Briefings. In […]