Fantasy Grounds – Enhanced Rolemaster Classic Ruleset Released

Iron Crown Smite Works

Rolemaster Fans – Smiteworks has forged and released a new version of its virtual table top program Fantasy Grounds II for Rolemaster Classic. The update was hammered into shape by our friends Yves and Jeremy who have been hard at work to bring significant enhancements to the Rolemaster Classic Ruleset:

  • * Faster play: Fast & easy tactical play with automation of initiative rolls, of parry OB/DB split, and added quick rolls for movement speed, moving maneuvers, stat checks and resistance rolls.
  • * Easier tracking: Improved character sheet UI, and linked variable stats to combat tracker, like activity percentages & power points, and improved handling of critical effects like bleed & stun.
  • * Improved automation: Addition of base spell casting and resistance rolls wraps up the automated handling of all player rolls with table lookups, and added modifier automations for wound effects and DB, like bleeding, stun, adrenal defense and encumbrance.
  • * Deeper Flexibility: Support secondary criticals for special items, like flaming and holy swords, and for large/super-large creatures, and fixed in-game creation of new herbs and spell lists.
  • * Improved GM tools: Encounter planner and image management tools improve GM’s ability to prepare ahead of time and deliver a quality fluid game, and addition of dice tower allows hiding player rolls when success or failure is not obvious, keeping up the mystery.
  • * Quick references: Complete core books available in-game, and any page easily shared by GM with players, and comprehensive collections of reference tables and situational modifiers.
  • * Multiples fixes: Hundreds of hours of play testing have resulted in fixing and improving numerous tables, typos in texts and automated formulas.

For those who have yet to see it, we heartily recommend Fantasy Grounds Rolemaster Classic Ruleset. Whether you play remotely or have a face to face tabletop game, this can be a great GM tool kit to speed up your game and add a graphic interface for images and maps. Of course, if your main crew is spread all over, this is a must have and enables you to pick up the dice (virtually) and playing again with your buddies no matter where they may be.