Celebrating 30 Years of Rolemaster

Iron Crown

Gamers have been enjoying the thrill of the critical and the excitement of the open ended result for 30 years… Throughout the years there have been revisions but regardless, the experience has always remained the same – an exciting taste of realism with grit and excitement that remind you that every battle could be your last.

Rolemaster will be getting an update as a new revision is targeted for beta release shortly, and then once the feedback and adjustments are completed we’ll be moving full speed ahead rolling out a new era, but we don’t want to forget about the past, so we’re asking you to share your experiences with us.

In honor of 30 years, we’ll be running a weekly contest for the next 30 weeks. This contest will tie in to each of the 5 main books associated with the new unified Rolemaster (Arms Law, Character Law, Spell Law, Creatures Law and Treasures Law). We’ll spend 5 weeks on each with a winner each week and they will receive 3 products (of their choice) from our existing inventory. After we’ve gone through all five categories, the fans will select a winner as best in each category. The winner will receive a hard copy version of their category book, and then finally the fans will pick one overall winner who will receive the full set of Rolemaster hard copy books.

Each week will run from Monday-Sunday and all submittals need to be posted on the ICE forums. The winner each week will be selected by ICE, but don’t worry if you don’t win the week you submitted, because we will roll forward all submittals until the category has 5 winners.

Our first category is… Arms Law
We’ve all had some amazing experiences using Rolemaster’s incredible combat system with open ended rolls, lifesaving criticals, and unexpected fumbles. Tell us about one of these memorable experiences and share the thrill.