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Director’s Briefing – November 2014

  Welcome to the forty-first Briefing and the eleventh scheduled Briefing for 2014.   Missing cats   At one of the stations on my morning commute, there is an advertising stand for the regional daily newspaper, which displays the headline for the day in an effort to drum up sales. Usually these are of a […]

ERA for Rolemaster – Out Now!

Iron Crown Enterprises are thrilled to announce the release of a brand new piece of e-support software to help you run your games of Rolemaster quickly and easily – ERA for Rolemaster.   ERA (Electronic Roleplaying Assistant) is a free application that allows players to create their characters using a step by step wizard, then […]

Director’s Briefing – October 2014

  Welcome to the fortieth Briefing and the tenth scheduled Briefing for 2014, and straight to new releases.   ERA for Rolemaster   For a number of months, Maximiliano Tabacman has been running playtests of his excellent character management software package for Rolemaster. ERA (Electronic Roleplaying Assistant) provides the ability to create characters at any […]

HARP Fantasy – a Gold pick on RPGNow

Iron Crown Enterprises is thrilled to announce that High Adventure Role Playing (HARP) Fantasy is now a gold pick on RPGNow.   With only 94 other products achieving this accolade, HARP Fantasy is now part of a very elite group.   A huge thanks to everyone who has bought and supported HARP throughout the years. […]

Director’s Briefing – May 2014

  Welcome to the thirty-fifth Briefing and the fifth scheduled Briefing for 2014.   Encroachment over   ALL the lectures have been completed and I am very happy to see the end of the preparation battle. Yes, there is marking to be done come the end of May but I’ve ensured by careful deadline setting […]