Tales from the Green Gryphon Inn now a Silver pick on RPGNow!

Tales from the Green Gryphon Inn adventure module for Shadow WorldThe brand new Shadow World adventure module ‘Tales from the Green Gryphon Inn‘ has now reached silver pick status on RPGNow!
Under 6% of RPGNow products have ever reached this accolade and Tales from The Green Gryphon Inn has done within a month of release.
A huge thanks to everyone involved in the creation of this amazing product and to everyone who has bought it. We really hope you enjoy it.
If you haven’t bought it, you only have a few days left (until the 30th April) to get it for the introductory price of just $7.99 (follow the links in this month’s Director’s Briefing).
In addition to all this, we’re working furiously to get the print version available on RPGNow and we’re expecting to have it live and available for purchase in May.


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