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Green Gryphon Inn now an electrum pick!

Iron Crown Enterprises are thrilled to announce that Shadow World: Tales from the Green Gryphon Inn is now an electrum pick product on RPGNow!   Very few products on RPGNow ever reach the level of ‘electrum pick’ and we’re incredibly proud that Green Gryphon Inn has now received this accolade and that it has achieved […]

Tales from the Green Gryphon Inn – Now on Fantasy Grounds

You can now get the brilliant Shadow World adventure module ‘Tales from the Green Gryphon Inn‘ as an add-on module to the Rolemaster Classic ruleset on Fantasy Grounds.   Fantasy Grounds is a virtual tabletop (an application acting as a virtual online gaming table). Designed to perform many of the things you would do while […]

Director’s Briefing – July 2015

Welcome to the fiftieth Briefing and the seventh scheduled Briefing for 2015   RMU beta 2   As I hope you are all aware, Beta 2 is now officially in public playtest with all four books now available – yes, Treasure Law is now available in Beta 2. Following points raised by playtesters, we will […]

Director’s Briefing – May 2015

As I have almost certainly mentioned before, while I love physical books, I find ebooks incredibly useful whether it is novels on my Kindle for entertainment or textbooks on the tablet for work purposes. Carrying 1000+ page textbooks in my backpack from Cambridge to Ipswich and vice versa is not good for the book, my […]

Tales from the Green Gryphon Inn now a Silver pick on RPGNow!

The brand new Shadow World adventure module ‘Tales from the Green Gryphon Inn‘ has now reached silver pick status on RPGNow!   Under 6% of RPGNow products have ever reached this accolade and Tales from The Green Gryphon Inn has done within a month of release.   A huge thanks to everyone involved in the […]

Director’s Briefing – April 2015

    Welcome to the forty-sixth Briefing and the fourth scheduled Briefing for 2015. As a historical note, Terry Amthor reminded me that on this day (April 1st) thirty-five years ago that at a meeting in a Mexican restaurant in Charlottesville the original ICE was founded. It seems only fitting that we celebrate that anniversary […]

Director’s Briefing – March 2015

  Welcome to the forty-fifth Briefing and the third scheduled Briefing for 2015. Colin wrote in the ICE newsletter of February being the cruellest month, but for me it just seems to have been and went.   Rolemaster   In RMU, both Rolemaster Arms & Character Law and Rolemaster Spell Law have been handed over […]