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Roleplaying adventure hooks

  Looking for inspiration for your next roleplaying adventure? Then look no further! We’ve put together these three adventure hooks to give you some ideas for your next gaming session. Enjoy!     Don’t feed the plants   An eccentric aristocrat is offering a significant reward to anyone who can conquer his new hedge maze. […]

Planet profile: Seccanoe

For those of you playing Spacemaster or HARP-SF, I thought this outline of a new planet might give you some inspiration or serve as a backdrop for your next adventure.   Name: Seccanoe Diameter: 14,037km Gravity: 1.2 g Distance from sun: 0.87 au at its closest 1.42 at its furthest Year: 1.13 Earth years (412 […]

Six dark secrets of a small town

  As your party are travelling across some of the less populated areas of the country, you happen across a small village. It doesn’t appear on the map and it is strangely located. No one comes out this way, how and why would people live so far off the beaten track?   From the mouths […]