Roleplaying adventure hooks

Looking for inspiration for your next roleplaying adventure? Then look no further! We’ve put together these three adventure hooks to give you some ideas for your next gaming session. Enjoy!
Don’t feed the plants
An eccentric aristocrat is offering a significant reward to anyone who can conquer his new hedge maze. It seems simple enough, but something is not quite right.
An elderly aristocrat that lives on the outskirts of town has had a new hedge maze created and will reward any who conquer it. A number of locals and loot seeking adventurers will try but none come out alive. You can either investigate the aristocrat (who built the maze anyway?) or attempt to defeat the maze. Ultimately the hedges are not entirely what they seem.
You dirty rat!
A small village is being overrun by rats. However, everyone notices that the rats aren’t acting as you’d normally expect. They seem to be trying to tell us something.
Rats are swarming the village, but no one seems that worried. Help is brought in to find out where the rats came from and why they are acting so strangely. A little investigation leads to an ‘abandoned’ gnome colony in the nearby woods, but why have they left all their belongings and what has this got to do with the rats?
A giant task
An animist wants a live giant to study. His workshop can’t hold a fully grown one, so it will have to be a child.
Your party are given the task of finding, trapping and transporting the young giant. There are giants living in the hills near the animist’s workshop, but you will have to decide how best to track and trap the creature and whether doing so is morally ok. What could the animist what with it anyway?
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