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Punishment tables for RPG Players

We all have our own little pet peeves when it comes to playing Roleplaying games, especially if we’re the GM. You might hate people being on their phone at the table. You might have it when people don’t listen or pay attention. Maybe your least favourite thing is tardiness and a lack of commitment. Whatever […]

Sci-Fi plot generator

  Need an idea for your next game of HARP-SF or Spacemaster? Look no further than this Sci-Fi plot generator from the good people at WIRED.   The sci-fi plot generator uses two James Gunn movies and two Ridley Scott films as illustrations, but could be used to create an endless number of variations. Simply […]

Tips for new GMs

Making the move from playing to GMing can be daunting. You know how you want things to go but how do you make your dreams a reality? We recently asked our friends, followers and forum members what advice they would offer new GMs. Here’s what they had to say:     1. Don’t Panic   […]

GMing for first time gamers

I’ve managed to convince some friends who have never gamed before to let me run a one off game for them. My plan is for it to be so good that they consider playing on a more regular basis (or at least agree to a second game).   As they’re first game (and they’re pretty […]