RPG Players’ worst habits

Roleplay gaming is fun. I think we can all agree on that. However, there are some things that people do whilst at the table that are less fun… Some things that drive us mad. So we decided to run a survey to see what were RPG players’ worst habits.
After surveying our fans and followers via the Iron Crown forum and our various social media feeds, the results are now in. It turns out it was a pretty close contest. There are lots of small things that people find annoying but no one things that really drives us all mad. With that said, here are RPG players’ worst habits:
1. Using their phone / device whilst playing
Nearly 62% of people that took the survey said that players using their phone or device whilst playing is annoying or worse. 9% went so far as to say that when players use phones or devices during RPG sessions, “someone’s going to get hurt!”.
2. Distracting other players
Whilst almost 89% of people agreed this was annoying or worse, a lower percentage of people classed it as “someone’s going to get hurt” meaning that it was just pipped to the post for the top spot.
3. Not participating
81% of people agreed that players who just sit at the table and take no part in the game are annoying or worse. The top three worst habits are relatively close in terms of their overall scores but there is quite a drop to fourth place which is…
4. Interrupting the GM
4th and 5th place actually scored exactly the same overall. However, I have put this one in fourth due to the slightly higher number of people who think “someone is going to get hurt”. 62% of people agreed interrupting the GM was annoying or worse with almost 10% believing that “someone is going to get hurt”.
5. Being late for games
While 66% find it annoying or worse, less than 5% believe it to be hurt-worthy. Perhaps lateness is annoying but doesn’t necessarily have to affect the game, or perhaps we are all just used to everyone being late to everything.
6. Being a stickler for the rules
The majority of people surveyed didn’t think this was annoying. In fact, only 41% said it was annoying or worse and less than 2% thought it was hurt-worthy.
7. Trying to be funny all the time
Only 38% of people believed that this was annoying or worse. It turns out that Iron Crown fans enjoy a bit of comedy in their role play gaming.
The survey included the option for people to suggest other habits that they believe to be players’ worst. Here are some of the best (or worst):

  • Not paying attention and forcing the GM to explain the scene again
  • Being a sore loser when the game or the dice goes against them
  • Shutting someone else’s idea down by just saying ‘no’.
  • Inviting a new player without asking the group, the GM or the person whose house you’re playing in
  • Speaking for the GM when someone asks them a question
  • When they have had all round waiting for their turn to decide what to do and then still take ages deciding
  • Lack of hygiene
  • Excessive off topic discussion
  • Every character being a pyromaniac
  • Bringing politics into the game

It turns out that playing RPGs is not without its problems. However, I am surprised by the positivity of the responses. It seems that, for the most part, players are well behaved and GMs are willing to forgive most things for the sake of a fun and enjoyable gaming session.
What do you think of our list? Think we’ve missed something off? If so, have your say on the “players’ worst habits” thread on the ICE forum.

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