Spacemaster Companion 2 now a ‘Silver Pick’ product

Spacemaster Companion 2
Spacemaster Companion 2 has just become a silver pick product on RPGNow. Followig this great achievement we wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has bought and supported this and all Iron Crown Enterprises products over the years. You guys are the best!
With only 6% of products on RPGNow ever reaching the level of ‘Silver Pick’, it is a great testament to Spacemaster and its fans that the Spacemaster Companion 2 how now joined this very elite club.
If you haven’t already got a copy of Spacemaster Companion 2, you can pick it up for just $7 from RPGNow.
Spacemaster Companion 2 – A Spacemaster 2nd edition supplement
Spacemaster Companion 2 is a must for any serious Space Master: The Role Playing Game player. It contains material for both Gamemasters and players, focusing mainly on new equipment and technology. At the same time it offers a completely unique psionic rules system as an option to the standard Space Master psion system.
Space Master Companion 2 includes:

  • New professions such as the Bounty Hunter, the Combat Engineer, the Smuggler, etc.
  • An entirely new and different system for using psychic powers called PsiFire.
  • New rules for Cybernetics
  • Hundreds of new weapons and devices to add to your Space Master game: new grenades, armor, personal equipment, drugs, variant rifles & pistols, and genetically-engineered organic equipment.
  • Miscellaneous rules covering radiation, engineering skills, medical skills, force fields, new attack tables, and even a few new psion lists.
  • New attack table for Power Tools, new critical tables for Power Tools and Power Armor.
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