Roleplaying adventure hooks – Science Fiction

Looking for inspiration for your next science fiction roleplaying adventure? Then look no further! We’ve put together these three adventure hooks to give you some ideas for your next gaming session. Enjoy!
Hidden intelligence
A highly advanced race have created an AI so intelligent it has become sentient. However, soon after its creation it escaped and is hiding out on a far flung, unexplored planet.
The creators of the AI have hired a group of explorers to visit the unknown planet and return the AI to its home. However, no one knows what the planet holds, why the AI fled there or how friendly the AI will be to those trying to take it ‘home’. The PCs will need to decide whether they will do the job they’re being paid for or adhere to the wishes of the AI.
Aiding Adam
While exploring a little known, and unpopulated world, the group stumble across an adult human. He is naked, alone and has no memory of how we got there.
The human (who refers to himself as Adam) has no obvious signs of trauma and there is no sign of any ship or vessel that may have brought him here. On further investigation the group find clues that begin to link Adam to a shady corporation rumoured to experiment of live test subjects. Could Adam be an experiment they were trying to dispose of? Who was he before? And what might their experimentation have done to him?
A bid for freedom
Generations back an eccentric billionaire purchased a habitable world and made it off limits so that evolution might take its course. Now a message has been received from the planet. It’s a sentient race and they want ownership of their planet.
The party must visit the planet (the first in generations) and negotiate with the creatures on behalf of the billionaire’s estate. While there it will also be worth doing a bit of investigating. Did these creatures really evolve on this planet? If so, how did they do it so quickly?