New modules for Rolemaster in Fantasy Grounds

Thanks to some brilliant work carried out by some of our amazing fans, there is now an updated version of Rolemaster Classic available in Fantasy Grounds with a whole bunch of improvements including two entirely new modules.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Fantasy Grounds is an application that acts as a virtual gaming table which allows you to play with players from across the world as seamlessly as if you were sat in the same room.

The update includes:

  • Initial Stat Generation rolls (All 3 Character Law options included)
  • Stat Gain rolls (All 10 rolls can be completed in seconds)
  • Skill Development (Lots of options to help with adding and changing skills)
  • Spell Lists can be added quickly

In addition to this, the new version includes modules for The Armory and Rolemaster Fantasy Weapons, making it even simpler to play Rolemaster in Fantasy Grounds.

To play sign up to Fantasy Grounds now. Looking for players? Why not visit our forum and visit our gamers seeking gamers section.

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