New College of Magics arrives

HARP Fantasy College of Magics coverHey – I just received a surprise – HARP College of Magics in hard and softcover!
Thanks Nicholas – I do like getting those surprises! Apparently Nicholas ordered these on October 14, it shipped on the 17th and arrived on the 21st.
As these find a hallowed place upon the gaming shelf, I again can see the high quality of the hardcover as it has no discernible difference to the many “print run” products I also have, and even playing around with them, opening and closing – these feel solid and well-bound. Hey folks, we don’t make ANY extra money selling hard or softcover vs. PDFs, so I have no agenda to push it other than to educate people to the fact that you have a choice and print on demand WORKS.
College of Magic’s will be a useful tool for any HARP campaign – good explanation on magic and how it works, with multiple types to fit any campaign. And to further fit into a home-grown world, rules on creating and designing spells – handy for GM and player’s alike. And for added flavour to any campaign, new magic using classes and lots more new spells.
– John