Kingdom of the Desert Jewel now a copper pick on RPGNow

Shadow World Kingdom of the desert jewel adventureAs much as we love our newly released products, we love our ‘vintage’ collection just as much. We love it when an old classic reminds us that it is that…a classic. This month, the classic Shadow World region module Kingdom of the Desert Jewel has become a copper pick product on RPGNow. We’d like to thank everyone throughout the years who has bought and supported this product and the entire ICE product line.
For those of you that haven’t purchased, read or heard of the Kingdom of the Desert Jewel, you can pick it up in pdf format for just $5 at RPGNow.
Kingdom of the Desert Jewel
Over the ages, the people of Gethrya have built a great and orderly society ruled by benevolent kings and blessed by the gods. Here, revered priests and astrologers define the way of life, but perils old and new threaten this stable order. To the untamed east, bloodthirsty reptilian monsters known as Obanshi prowl the wastes of the Chavad Mountains. A troublesome race of gem-eating rock dwellers serves the Mountain King, whose weath is stupendous – and well-guarded! Beckoning to all adventurers is the wealth of kings buried in tombs deep in the desert, where most fear to travel. In the ancient and blistering Kingdom of the Desert Jewel, you can quickly make a name for yourself – or die trying!
Kingdom of the Desert Jewel includes:

  • Complete and detailed descriptions of local rulers and races, environments and governments, including powerful NPCs, beasts and the soldiers of the Royal Legions.
  • Maps, diagrams and sketches of places of adventure, including 4 pages of color maps of the region.
  • 10 detailed adventure locations and sites of mystery and danger, including 4 underground strongholds and two urban settings
  • Ready-to run adventures for characters of various levels.
  • Assorted GM aids, including Encounter Tables, NPC listings, Beasts and Poison stats, and much more!

Thanks again to everyone who bought Kingdom of the Desert Jewel, thank you for your support, we hope you enjoy it!

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