HARP Fantasy College of Magics available NOW!

HARP Fantasy College of Magics coverAs promised in the July Briefing, this is the unscheduled but anticipated Briefing to announce the release of College of Magics in pdf form. As this is an enhanced version, not a new edition, we are offering it at a special introductory discount price of 4.99 USD for one month only.
What has changed in College of Magics?
The changes from the original version of College of Magics are as follows:
1. The Necromancer’s Favored categories were rebalanced;
2. Minor modifications to the Song, Music and Trance casting styles were made;
3. Significant revisions to the spell creation system were implemented, namely the addition of new Aspects and deletion of some duplicate Aspects, the costs of Attributes now vary according to the spell type (Elemental, Attack or Utility), the costing system for spells with multiple effects has been simplified, the PP costs for scaling options also now vary according to the spell type making Utility spells more effective for fewer PP, and some scaling options have been recosted;
4. The Development Point costs of the new talents were rebalanced with the Potency talent and Inner Strength talents being rewritten;
5. A rule for variable RR and OB bonus from potions, runes, and circles has been added;
6. Alchemy, Charmcraft and Ritual Magic were revised to conform to the revised spell creation system;
7. The monetary costs for making Alchemy and Charmcraft items were rebalanced;
8. All spells were revised to conform to the revised spell creation system;
9. The set of Clean, Dry and Repair cantrips have been revised with some deleted and new cantrips added.
In addition to these content changes, a quartet of artists have provided a wonderful collection of new, inspiring and relevant illustrations which we hope you will enjoy, and the layout has been upgraded to make the book easier to use.
Getting the Discount
You can buy the College of Magics pdf at 4.99 USD by following THIS LINK
The full price is 15 USD, so take advantage of this offer to upgrade your HARP collection at a bargain price. There really is no reason not to buy now. Get your GM to buy now; get your players to buy right now.
You may wonder why the discount price is 4.99 USD. During the next month, we will be putting College of Magics on a general promotional sale through OneBookShelf and they reliably inform me that a one cent difference will be a tipping point for some potential impulse-buy customers.
As always, if you find any residual errata that evaded the independent proofreaders, post a note on the ICE forums so we can get it corrected quickly and get College of Magics into print-on-demand. Enough from me – time to let you buy the pdf.
Best wishes,
Nicholas HM Caldwell
Director, Guild Companion Publications Ltd.