Director’s Briefing – March 2017

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To the seventieth Briefing and the third scheduled Briefing of 2017.

HARP Folkways coverHARP Folkways
We are very pleased to announce the arrival of a new addition to the HARP Fantasy line, namely the wholly new HARP Folkways.
HARP Folkways is not an enhanced edition. It is a brand new shiny book written by Jonathan Cassie (author of HARP Loot which we released last year) and beautifully illustrated by Maria Duffield, Rick Hansen and Raymond Gaustadnes.
HARP Folkways will help you enrich your world by giving you new tools to create believable and unique cultures. Jonathan describes and explains how to apply twenty folkways to design cultures. The folkways cover the range from environment, through kinship, authority, and the supernatural to dress and food. He draws upon examples from our world and from fantasy classics, and presents four full-blown worked examples, including the Orsai from Cyradon, and from Shadow World, the Lydians and Ochu of the Vasai Republic.
HARP Folkways introduces eleven new playable, yet unusual, races. These are the Amarvish minotaurs, the draconian Bentaxa, the avian Faleeka, the Gordaz ratfolk, the Hehn centaurs, the feline Kenra, the amphibious Menomonee, the giant Navrothor of the frozen north, the bestial Queequayth, the gregarious Tomalak, and the Vengha who dwell in the underdeeps. Six new culture packages support the new races.
HARP Folkways introduces ten new professions – Artisan, Athlete, Hunter, Intellectual, Laborer, Sailor, Scoundrel, Seeker, Trader and Valet. As a GM, you can use these professions to represent the ordinary folk of your world. However, all of these have been designed to be balanced with existing HARP Fantasy professions so they have twenty professional skill ranks, level bonuses and appropriate professional talents. They are therefore eminently suitable for characters who have greatness thrust upon them through unexpected circumstances or players seeking a non-magical route that isn’t pure combat or stealth. For GMs running high adventure but low magic, these new professions will greatly expand the range of available archetypes.
HARP Folkways also adds over twenty new training packages, new skills and new talents to support the new races and professions.
HARP Folkways is available now in pdf from the OneBookShelf network. The normal price is 15 USD, but we are offering a special one-month introductory discount price of 10 USD.
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Until next time
We will cover progress on other products in the next scheduled Briefing, which will be in April 2017
Best wishes,
Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd.
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