Channeling Companion for ERA out now!

ERA Channeling CompanionWith the continued success of the increasingly popular ERA for Rolemaster e-support package, Iron Crown Enterprises are pleased to announce the release of another expansion module: RMFRP Channeling Companion Module!
Channeling Companion Module for ERA
The RMFRP Channeling Companion package for ERA includes 3 professions, 14 talent descriptions, 2 critical tables and 48 spell lists with every spell ready to be cast.
Get all your friends in one place with the Summoner specialized spells. Create a legend of terror with a devious Warlock. Or hunt the enemies of your religion from within with a Mythic.
Believers of all creeds will benefit from the new talents available. You can now get a Dark Aura Sense, increase the power of your destiny with Fortunate Fate, and determine your position with Champion, Chancellor or Invested Follower.
Apart from the 6 base lists for each of the 3 new professions, all priests spells are included. Land and water hold no barrier with Land Forms and Aquatic Forms. You can sling all the raw power of your deity using Holy Wrath, Holy Element, Holy Wind, Holy Weapon, and others. Any number of specific priests can be built using specialist spell lists such as Horse Mastery, Insect Mastery, Serpent Law and Voodoo Magic.
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Electronic Roleplaying Assistant
This module is an add-on feature package for ERA for Rolemaster which is available for free from RPGNow.
ERA allows players to create their characters using a step by step wizard, level them up and configure all details in terms of stats, skills and special abilities. These characters can then be added to a running campaign in the adventuring module from which the game master can control all aspects of the game including resolving maneuvers, resistances, resting, and of course, spell casting and combat.
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