Arcane Companion for ERA out now!

ERA Arcane CompanionThanks to the fantastic work of Maximiliano Tabacman, Iron Crown Enterprises are pleased to announce the release of another expansion module for the popular ERA for Rolemaster e-support package. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you the ERA for Rolemaster RMSSFRP Arcane Companion.
Arcane Companion Module for ERA
The RMFRP Arcane Companion package for ERA includes 4 professions, 4 attack tables, 2 critical tables, 46 spell lists, and a brand new realm with 2 additional spell fumble columns.
The power and the risk of using magic reaches a new level with the addition of Arcanists and Wizards. This unstable new realm can be randomly exploited by the Chaotic. Those who abuse the use of magic will be tracked and brought to justice by the the Magehunter.
New attacks are available to those wielding Mana and Void spells. Apart from Ball and Bolt attack tables, the destructive Mana and Void critical tables are provided.
You will also find all Arcane spells. Open, closed and evil magic with a power that surpasses all other realms. Arcane Healing will fix most wounds, Bladerunes will give the friends of the Arcane caster a new edge, and several spell lists allow the manipulation of earthnodes. When Arcane spell users really want to boast, they just copy any spell from their friends using Realm Law.
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Electronic Roleplaying Assistant
This module is an add-on feature package for ERA for Rolemaster which is available for free from RPGNow.
ERA allows players to create their characters using a step by step wizard, level them up and configure all details in terms of stats, skills and special abilities. These characters can then be added to a running campaign in the adventuring module from which the game master can control all aspects of the game including resolving maneuvers, resistances, resting, and of course, spell casting and combat.
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