The Order of The Iron Crown – January round-up

The Order of the Iron Crown LogoThe Order of the Iron Crown is a select group of fans that have made it their mission to promote Iron Crown Enterprises’ products at game conventions and in game stores around the world. The Order was set up to allow us to better help those who want to promote our games and to reward them for doing so.

Each month we will be reporting on what members of the Order of the Iron Crown have been up to and publicly thanking them for all the great work that they carry out on a daily basis in the name of Iron Crown Enterprises.

January’s round-up comes a little later than expected as we’ve been working out a few kinks in the process. However, without any further ado, here is what the Order members got up to last month:

ICE at Dragonmeet

Admittedly this was back in December, but we’ve only just got around to awarding the points. At Dragonmeet last year Chris Seal ran a HARP demo (which I was lucky enough to play test for him). By all accounts the game was an absolute success and he was kind enough to direct a number of players and fans to our stand.

The Rolemaster Blog

One of our forum members (Peter R) has set up and is running a brilliant Rolemaster blog. It is filled with thoughts and ideas about not just Rolemaster, but RPGs and gaming in general. In addition, we’ve received quite a lot of traffic from the site as people move between that blog and this one.

Game Store Demo

One of our most prolific Order members (Bruce) has run a game at his local game store and referred a number of players to the ICE website. Bruce was good enough to hand out a number of flyers for us which has helped get people more interested and more involved in Iron Crown Enterprises.

New member gets off to a great start

A brand new Order member (Inez Hull) has got off to a brilliant start by posting Rolemaster articles on his blog Death and Dismemberment which discusses Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) and Rolemaster and other Roleplaying Games.

A huge thanks to all of our Order members and to everyone who has helped support them and us. If you would like to learn more about the Order of the Iron Crown, you can visit
the Order of the Iron Crown webpage or click the banner below.

Order of the Iron Crown handbook

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