The Order of the Iron Crown in Fresno, CA

Rolemaster in FresnoRecently a member of the Order of the Iron Crown ran a Rolemaster demo game in the crazy squirrel game store in Fresno, CA for charity. Here’s what he had to say about the event:

“Things Went well the turnout was amazing. I had 5 players for the demo. We went through the whole character creation process in the first session then did a nice adventure. Things went so well I am now running a RM2 game every Thursday evening at The Crazy Squirrel. The event raised a lot of cash for the Valley Children’s Hospital. The Owner of the store is very community oriented. Over all it was a rousing success even GMing over the people dancing to The Y.M.C.A. Not my choice of songs 🙂 I found many folks who were familiar with ICE products and were delighted to see us playing RM. I am sure when and if ICE products are more available the store will gladly stock them.”

A huge thanks to MikeG for organising and running the game and to everyone who attended the event, played Rolemaster and contributed time and money to a very worthy cause. If you are interested in running an ICE game at a local event or would like the chance to earn rewards for promoting ICE and our products by becoming a member of the Order of the Iron Crown, check out the Order webpage for details.

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