The Guild Adventurer #4 – Out Now!

The Guild Adventurer Issue 4 RPG Adventure materialIron Crown Enterprises are pleased to announce their latest, brand new release. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you: The Guild Adventurer Issue #4.
The greatly anticipated fourth issue of The Guild Adventurer has arrived and is available now through the OneBookshelf Network.
The Guild Adventurer is a compilation of original adventures and adventure-related material for Rolemaster, Shadow World and HARP. The fourth issue features five brand new adventures:
Who Saves the Savior – a high-level scenario by Robert Defendi for the Echoes of Heaven setting, statted for Rolemaster and HARP.
Unusual Heroes – this low-level scenario by Dennis Larsen pits ordinary folk who might aspire to become adventurers against the braggadacio of experienced sellswords; it is statted for Rolemaster and HARP
Muck and Mire – this standalone scenario by Marc Rosen statted for HARP and Rolemaster will give your PCs an opportunity to get their hands dirty and their feet wet;
Keep of the Damned – this standalone scenario by Ward Miller will satisfy the needs of your HARP and Rolemaster players for a dungeon crawl and general smiting of the Undead.
Eyes of Stone – Terry Amthor reveals some of the mysteries and magic of southeast Emer in this Rolemaster adventure for the Shadow World setting.
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