Tag: Rolemaster Standard System

Treasure Companions for ERA out now!

Iron Crown Enterprises are thrilled to announced the latest releases for the brilliant Electronic Roleplaying Assistant (ERA). Ladies and Gentlemen we give you ERA for Rolemaster RMSSFRP Treasure Companion and ERA for Rolemaster RMC Treasures!   These two new modules add to the ERA’s impressive line up of modules to help GMs speed up their […]

Arcane Companion for ERA out now!

Thanks to the fantastic work of Maximiliano Tabacman, Iron Crown Enterprises are pleased to announce the release of another expansion module for the popular ERA for Rolemaster e-support package. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you the ERA for Rolemaster RMSSFRP Arcane Companion.     Arcane Companion Module for ERA   The RMFRP Arcane Companion package […]

Rolemaster Fantasy Weapons – Now a Copper Pick product

A huge thanks to everyone who has bought and support Rolemaster Fantasy Weapons! We’re very proud to announce that this great little supplement has now reached the status of ‘Copper Pick Product’ on RPGNow.   Less than 10% of products on RPGNow are rated as ‘Copper Pick’ products and we’re excited to see another product […]

Eidolon: City in the Sky out now!

Iron Crown Enterprises are thrilled to announce the publication in pdf of the enhanced version of Eidolon for Shadow World.   Eidolon: City in the Sky   The palace-city of Eidolon floats in the sky above the northern coast of the great continent of Emer. This city is a place of magic and wealth: a […]