Snuggle Monster for HARP

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we have created a new monster and a new spell for you to use in your next HARP adventure. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Snuggle Monster!
Name: Snuggle Monster
Level: 4
Size: Medium
BMR Type: Quadruped : Biped
BMR: 31:14
# Enc: 1
Outlook: Aggr.
Treasure: NNN
DB 54
Hits 96
Init 17
Stamina 91
Will 46
Magic 62
Hug Attack – Medium Crush 77
Heart’s desire
PP Cost: 6 Spell Type: Utility
Range: 50’ RR: Magic
Duration: 1 minute/rank
Description: Instantly causes the target to believe that the caster is their true love, the being that they most desire and want to be with. The target will be compelled to approach the caster and attempt to woo them.
Scaling Options:
Each additional target +3
Additional 50’ +1
+ 1 minute +3

Acrobatics (5) 44, Brawling (10) 67, Endurance (5) 36, Jumping (12) 71, Navigation (6) 33, Perception (12) 58, Resistance – Magic (10) 62, Resistance – Stamina (15) 91, Resistance – Will (7) 46, Stalking & Hiding (15) 114, Hug Attack – Medium Crush (15) 77, Use Blood Magic: Heart’s Desire (15) 84, Foraging/Survival Water (3) 26
Agile Defense, Blazing Speed, Critical Resistance (Minor) (Crush), Extremely Nimble, Immunity to Stuns, Instinctive Defense, Lightning Reflexes, Quiet Stride, Skill Specialization (2x Use Blood Magic: Hearts Desire), Subtle, Active Blood Magic (Heart’s desire)
Very little is known about what the Snuggle Monster looks like. Any creature that comes within range of its spell instantly believes that it looks their true love and the creature that they desire most in the entire world.
Those that have resisted the magic of the Snuggle Monster say that they are unlike any creature they have ever seen before. The Snuggle Monster has no head to speak of, just four powerful limbs connected by a muscular trunk. With the exception of their hands, the beast is covered all over in long, bright pink fur. This fur hides the large mouth at one end of the creature’s body which contains a large number of sharp teeth used for ripping apart flesh.
The Snuggle Monster is a solitary creature. Only one is thought to exist in the world and nothing is really known about its origins.
The Monster moves around its territory slowly and quietly, listening for any creature that might make a decent meal. It has very good hearing and moves so quietly so as not to interrupt its search for prey. When it is not hunting, it will rest quietly, always vigilant for would be attackers or potential prey.
The Snuggle Monster gives off an aura that will affect all creatures within a 100 foot radius. Their magic makes any creature that sees them believe that the Snuggle Monster is actually their one true love and the being that they desire most in the entire world. For animals and monsters, this results mostly in displays of affection and them following the Snuggle Monster around. If this becomes an inconvenience, the Snuggle Monster is more than capable of killing any creature smaller than it, and quite a few larger creatures as well.
When a sentient being comes across the Snuggle Monster and is put under its spell, the individual will approach the Snuggle Monster and attempt to woo it. Ultimately they will try to embrace the monster. At this point the Snuggle Monster will stand on its hind limbs and hug the individual, crushing them to death with its strong embrace.
Should the Snuggle Monster attract the attentions of a creature that it doesn’t believe it can kill or eat, it can interrupt its aura, making the creature see the Snuggle Monster as it actually is. The confusion allows the Snuggle Monster enough time to make its escape.
We hope you enjoy this monster (and spell) and that you enjoy using them in your next HARP adventure. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!