Shadow World report – October 2019

Hello all,
Terry Amthor here with the first special Shadow World update. Here I’ll share how things are going with upcoming books, and maybe dig up something from the archives to review. I might also answer an email question or two! Just send to THIS ADDRESS (via Colin).
The first in a series of small Adventure PDFs has been recently released. This one a twelve-page self-contained adventure called The Haunted Village. It is set in southwestern Emer as an introduction to the upcoming Emer IV (more on that later). It is linked via a Jinteni Portal for easy access; this also allows the GM to set in anywhere, including Jaiman if s/he wishes. I hope we can do more of these in the future, possibly bringing in more authors this way. Buy it now >>
The next big book coming up is Haalkitaine Second Edition. This is a massive update from the old first edition release way back in the 1990s. The timeline has been update, several sections expanded, and at last there are layouts of the sewers and the catacombs under the city, with a complete text key and the many NPCs and creatures inhabiting these underground areas. And finally, there are over a dozen all-new adventures! (The first edition had no adventures at all!) This book is looking to be over 240 pages, in full color of course. We are shooting for a release in late November.
Also coming up:

  • A new book set in the continent of Agyra to the far west, tentatively titled “The Shade.”
  • A new book set in northeast Jaiman, featuring the regions of Wuliris, Lyak and the Zor Wastes. This will have some changes for very early books like ‘Sky Giants,’ and also feather quite a bit of Taranian technology: some ancient underground bases.
  • More adventure PDFs, possibly including the Citadel of the High Priest Dansart in Zor, and other adventures in SW and NE Jaiman.

That’s all for now; thanks for reading!