Rollmaster for Rolemaster out now!

Rollmaster for Rolemaster 
Bread is a staple part of any adventurer’s diet. But there are different types of bread, different qualities and they cost different amounts. Tabletop roleplaying games are all the worse for the gross oversimplification of this popular food stuff. That is why we have created a brand new supplement to add more realism and crunch (no pun intended) to your RPG bread.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Rollmaster for Rolemaster!
This supplement includes:

  • A look at the different varieties of bread
  • Different bread selling establishments and their various prices
  • The nutritional value of different types of bread
  • A formula for working out the benefits for consuming various types of bread

The best thing about the supplement? It is absolutely free! You can download it HERE. It may take some time, it’s pretty big