Roleplaying adventure hooks – Science Fiction

Looking for inspiration for your next science fiction roleplaying adventure? Then look no further! We’ve put together these three adventure hooks to give you some ideas for your next gaming session. Enjoy!
The greater good?
Members of a previously unknown alien race make contact with the PCs and offer them access to ground-breaking technology and all the fame and wealth that will come with it. However, in return, they want the PCs to aid them in a coup on their home planet.
Attracted no doubt by the party’s strength, intellect and desire for wealth and power, a new race offers them new technology in exchange for aiding them in a coup. The PCs will have to wrestle with their morals as these ambassadors clearly do not have good intentions for their home planet. Perhaps there is a way to get the technology and prevent the coup?
Gods among men
Whilst exploring an isolated planet on the outskirts of the galaxy, the party is accosted by an alien race. They claim to be Gods and are not best pleased about the trespass on their world.
Are they Gods? They’re certainly very powerful but surely Gods don’t exist? These ‘Gods’ hate anything not of their own creation and are very aggressive towards the party. The characters have a choice, leave the planet, try to find out more about the ‘Gods’ and their powers or attempt to fight them off and take control of their world.
Intergalactic poachers
A newly discovered planet contains a wealth of new species and masses of precious metals and minerals. While the proper documentation and legislation is put in place to protect it, its discoverer needs a group of trustworthy individuals to stay in orbit around it and protect it from anyone that might want to steal from, or in any way damage the new planet.
News of the new planet’s discovery will spread fast and anyone in the vicinity looking to make a quick buck will be turning up hoping to get a piece of the action. The party will need to devise a way of keeping an eye out and defending the planet or come up with a plan to strip the planet of its resources and keep the wealth for themselves.
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