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Roleplaying adventure hooks – Science fiction

Looking for inspiration for your next science fiction roleplaying adventure? Then look no further! We’ve put together these three adventure hooks all based on technology and Artificial intelligence to give you some ideas for your next gaming session. Enjoy!

The simple life

The inhabitants of a far-off planet have rejected technology and decided to live off the land without the ‘evil’ of technology. It is their choice how they live but a number of nearby civilisations now consider them easy pickings.

A group must be sent to the planet with two missions, the first is to see off any incursions by neighbouring civilisations. The second is to work with the planets inhabitants to create planetary defences that will protect them without giving up on their wish for a ‘simpler’ existence.

Finders’ keepers

Scientists have designed an incredibly powerful new weapon that could be the difference in the wars raging across the universe. However, it requires the use of an under-utilised mineral which can only be found on very few planets and none that are under their control.

The mineral can be mined on a couple of neutral planets and even more enemy planets. A group must be sent to set up clandestine mining facilities and to ensure that no one finds out what they are doing. If they are discovered, it will arouse suspicion and the enemy may begin looking into the capabilities of the little-known mineral.

Rogue AI

After a trip to a market world, things begin to go wrong on the ship and strange noises can be heard at night. There are no new life signs on board but what does it really mean to be alive?

Upon a complete inspection of all areas of the ship a creature it found. It was human before it died but it is definitely now dead (according to all the scanners at least). There are various strange pieces of technology hidden beneath his flesh and bones but the strangest thing about him is his tale of an army of the undead under construction in hidden places across the universe.

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