Roleplaying adventure hooks

Looking for inspiration for your next roleplaying adventure? Then look no further! We’ve put together these three adventure hooks to give you some ideas for your next gaming session. Enjoy!
A gift from the gods
You find an amazing artefact. A true relic with unimaginable power. Now that it has been discovered, there are some that will stop at nothing to own it!
Whilst adventuring you find a relic. Older than time itself, this item holds unimaginable power and potential. You know that you don’t have the power to wield it, that no human does, but what to do with it? Now that it has discovered there will be no end of people coming to take it from you. From religious zealots to power hungry monarchs and everything in between. You must find somewhere or someone who can hide it from the world until the end of time.
Standing your ground
A small trading post is being constantly raided by pirates. As it lays outside the borders of the surrounding kingdoms, no one is willing to protect it. But people are dying and something must be done.
A small port where people from the surrounding kingdoms trade is being menaced by pirates. The traders are all leaving but the locals are stuck. Constantly hounded by the pirates and with no army or militia, there is nothing they can do. They need help. Your adventurers will need to find all the resources they can and put together defensive plans to defeat or scare off the attackers and dissuade them from ever returning.
Back from the brink
A small group of druids are successfully bringing species back from the brink of extinction but a local religious group believe they are playing God.
A group of druids that live in the forest have been successfully altering creatures on the brink of extinction to give them a better chance of surviving in the increasingly urbanised environment. However, with crops being damaged and recent attacks on citizens, a local church is leading a group against the druids to stop them ‘playing God’. Your adventurers must ease the tensions between these two groups or pick a side and fight.
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