Roleplaying adventure hooks

Looking for inspiration for your next roleplaying adventure? Then look no further! We’ve put together these three adventure hooks to give you some ideas for your next gaming session. Enjoy!
The hideous farm
A hidden farm is discovered to be cultivating zombies to hunt for sport, but what to do about it…
People have been disappearing from local towns and villages for months and now the adventurers are called in to investigate. Whilst searching the forest they come upon a farm hidden from view. This is no ordinary farm however; they are cultivating zombies. Wealthy landowners and adventurers are paying good money to be locked in the farm’s expansive dungeon with these hideous creatures and hunt them or die trying. With so many zombies to hand, the farmers will be difficult to stop but with the areas great and good frequenting the farm, perhaps there are other ways to put them out of business.
Euzhor’s school for young adventurers
A prestigious school for adventurers hides an awful secret
Having made quite the name for themselves, your adventurers are invited to teach at Euzhor’s school for young adventurers. All seems normal until a hidden door is discovered. Behind the door is a quivering wreck of a man, unwashed and wild-eyed with huge gashes in his dented armor, he is clutching a large piece of freshly mined mithril “will this buy my freedom? Please? I wanted adventure, but not like this…”
Water, water, everywhere
They thought the bad weather was just bad luck, but now the river banks have burst and there is no escaping the unstoppable torrent.
Lying in a low pass between two mountain ranges, the village is used to bad weather, but slightly upstream the sun is beating down while a torrential downpour torments the villagers. As the adventurers arrive the river bursts its banks and the village is flooding. Any chance of escape is now cut off. The adventurers must find the reason for the downpour or they and the remaining villagers are sure to be drowned.
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