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Roleplaying adventure hooks

Looking for inspiration for your next roleplaying adventure? Then look no further! We’ve put together these three adventure hooks to give you some ideas for your next gaming session. These adventure hooks all take place when the party are suddenly accosted by a panic-striken figure. Enjoy!

Liar, liar, pants on fire

The party are accosted by a panic-stricken man. He is covered in burns and his clothes and hair are singed. “I thought I could control them. I thought it would be ok…” he stammers before fainting.


A man living on the outskirts of town has been breeding miniature dragons and selling them on the black market for many years now. Using his limited magical powers, he has managed to keep the creatures confined to his homestead without being discovered. Now however some of them have grown too large, burnt down his home and set free all the other miniature dragons. Someone needs to round them up.

Love is in the air

The party are accosted by a panic-stricken man. He is covered in cuts and bruises and looks exhausted. “Please help me! It wasn’t my fault. Someone stole my potions. They must have thrown them in the well”.


The man has been making love potions and selling them on the black market. It is a very powerful recipe. Unfortunately, a thief stole a batch of the potion mistaking it for ale. On discovering their mistake, the thief disposed of the evidence by dumping it in the town well. A week on and the town has turned to chaos. People are ardently in love with each other and willing to fight and kill anyone who stands in the way of their true love. Someone needs to sort it out and avoid being torn to shreds by the love mad citizens.

A cathedral in chaos

The party are accosted by a panic-stricken monk. “It’s all gone too far… The gods have forsaken us!” With that a loud explosion can be heard from inside the cathedral and shouts of disgust as a foul smell begins to emanate from the open doors.


The great cathedral is close to collapse. What started off as harmless pranks has now got out of hand. People are stealing and the in-fighting has begun. Even with oaths and promises made by the monks that they will stop causing mischief, strange occurrences, disappearances, and trouble abound within the cathedral. It is almost as if something else is behind it all. But what? A god? A demon? Or a mischievous imp?

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